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Data Analysis and Report generation software

TrackReport offers a full data visualisation and analysis environment, where interactivity and automation help creating simulation or test reports. Configurable report templates handle data post-processing algorithms as well as the graphical setup. The development of these report templates is very intuitive and smooth, thanks to the extensive calculation libraries and a complete and dynamic array of graphical object: text areas, curves, tables, images, videos, colour maps, bar charts, 3D-animations… The report template thus enables the generation of an accurate data set analysis and the corresponding report.

TrackReport is now widely used to analyse and compare test and simulations in many fields: automotive, aeronautics, space, cosmetics, energy, defence…

Along with TrackReport, we also can offer an extensive set of calculations and pre-defined templates dedicated to crash-test regulations. For complex report templates, we can also develop them on clients’ behalf.


  • Data organization

    TrackFile: organizes, classifies, renames the photos and videos of the tests, generates .mii and .pho files for ISO-TS13499 .mme structure.

  • Data readers

    Reading of any kind of data, through files or database.

  • Data visualisation

    A comprehensive set of graphical objects: plots, graphs, text areas, tables, colour maps, images, videos.

  • Data synchronisation

    Synchronisation of heterogeneous data and videos.

  • Post-processing

    A comprehensive set of calculation libraries, from standard math functions to dedicated libraries.

  • Units management

    Smooth unit recognition and management.

  • Report management

    Easy creation and re-use of report templates, interactive analysis and comparisons.

  • Exports

    HTML export of animations and various data exports.