Experts in motion tracking and data analysis


Motion analysis software

TrackImage provides several independent modules, each of them being dedicated to a specific application, with a fully automatized analysis of the videos: camera control, camera calibration and optical distortions corrections, 2D and 3D motion tracking, deformation tracking, virtual objects, air bag deployment tracking... TrackImage computes all the dynamic parameters of the system under test: positions, velocities, accelerations, distances, angles, surfaces, compacity, frequencies... Based on the most recently developed image processing algorithms, TrackImage is today a very powerful video analysis software tool which is used in many different fields: aeronautics, space, automotive, defence, energy, ergonomics, biology, geology, sports...


  • TrackCam: Camera control

    Simultaneous control of multi-brand high-speed cameras and video pre-processing.

  • Camera corrections

    Optical and perspective distortions corrections.

  • 2D Motion Tracking

    Robust and accurate algorithms to track any kind of points in the video.

  • 3D Motion Tracking

    Accurate and easy-to-run 3D camera calibration and 3D markerless tracking.

  • Deformation

    Full contour tracking to measure object deformations.

  • Virtual objects

    Hidden points and contours tracking.

  • Airbag

    Automatic airbag deployment tracking.

  • DIC 2D / DIC 3D

    2D or 3D surface deformation analysis, displacements and strains, using Digital Image Correlation.