Experts in motion tracking and data analysis


Acquisition and processing of signal and images

Founded in 1996, ORME is a French-based company located in Toulouse, specialized in the acquisition and processing of signals and images. ORME provides a versatile suite of innovative software solutions. ORME also delivers custom-made systems and software applications, as well as test analysis services.

We work with major clients in the aerospace, automotive, rail, space, agriculture, smart cities, health and energy sectors as well as in cosmetics. These large companies entrust us with R&D activities, such as development of signal and image processing algorithms, development in scientific computing for test analysis, and use our software solutions. ORME also develops a non-intrusive fall detection sensor for nursing homes.

To support the development of our R&D activities, we also take part in several research consortia supported by the Occitanie region, the French government and the European Commission.

The team

ORME’s technical team, based in Toulouse (Labège), now has a staff of eighteen engineers or doctors, and brings together scientific computing development skills, algorithm design in industrial vision, image and signal processing, and machine learning. 

We all have the same ambition: to develop the most powerful and user-friendly algorithms and data analysis tools for our customers!

A French company open to the World

ORME has a range of distributors internationally, in various European countries, in Asia (Japan, India and China), and in North America.




ORME is founded by Marie-Laurence Meyer and Luc Oriat, two formers engineers of Safran Aircraft Engines (formerly Snecma). Based on their experience on test data analysis in aeronautics, their idea is to create a comprehensive set of innovative algorithms and software suite to analyse data from sensors and videos from cameras.


The first TrackImage is released ! Based on UNIX operating system, the first version of the motion analysis software is now used by Safran to analyse destructive tests of aircraft engines.


TrackImage is now available on Windows, and targets new applications in the Automotive sector, such as crash-test analysis, vibrations or motion analysis using high-speed imaging.

Faurecia becomes the first customer in the Automotive sector for crash-tests analysis.


The CNES Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana, acquires TrackImage licenses to monitor the Ariane launcher. The software application is used to monitor the launcher’s trajectory, and to analyze equipment motions around the launcher milliseconds prior to launch.


The first TrackReport version is released! Faced with the growing needs of ORME's customer to rationalize the analysis of their tests, and to automatize the report generations, ORME develops an innovative software application to handle test data coming from sensors, cameras or simulations post-processing.

Dorel France (formerly Ampa France) becomes the first customer of TrackReport!


RENAULT SA selects TrackReport to replace its in-house automotive safety test analysis and report generation application.


PSA Peugeot Citroën selects TrackReport software for its crash-test analysis, as well as for its crash-test dummy calibration. For this project, ORME develops and now offers a comprehensive set of crash-test and calibration regulation templates along with TrackReport.


AIRBUS selects TrackReport for its test analysis and acoustic simulation. On that occasion, TrackReport is enhanced with a new acoustic functions library, providing the base module with new functionalities, particularly new calculation functions and new graphic objects.


ORME is targeting the Indian and Chinese market, appointing new local distributors for tracking its prospects and customers for TrackImage and TrackReport.


Official release of the brand new version 3.0 of TrackImage. Result of a complete overhaul of the software, this new version has been redesigned for better ergonomics, dramatically improved performance, and with the most robust and accurate tracking algorithms.

ORME expands in Japan with a new local distributor for TrackImage and TrackReport on the automotive, aeronautic markets.


ORME expands to UK and US, with new parnterships and distribution agreements in high speed imaging applications.


ORME and UTAC CERAM, one of the major European Automotive Test Centre, sign a strategic partnership agreement, to validate ORME’s crash test analysis tool, in particular for ECE regulations and EuroNCAP safety protocols. By teaming up with the French official vehicle homologation body, ORME reinforces its position as a key-player in the test analysis and vehicle safety fields.


ORME presents the first release of FallSensor: a fall detection sensor for elderly people. Based on a depth sensor in the near infrared, discreetly tucked into a living space, the system is independent, active both day and night, with no contact with the person.


ORME expands internationally with new partners in the US, in Japan, South Africa, in Europe… to promote TrackImage and TrackReport, and support our customers.

And new premises, a new domain name, a new website !

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