Experts in motion tracking and data analysis


For nursing homes

The ORME falls sensor alerts you of a resident's fall. Its advanced technology, based on a real-time 3D infra-red scan of the chamber, constantly analyzes any type of motion to detect a possible fall, and send an alarm to the medical staff.

Discreet, non-intrusive and non-contact, efficient day and night, our sensor allows the detection of any type of fall.


  • 3D-Scan monitoring

    The real-time 3D infra-red scan allons to detect any fall, while respecting the privacy of the resident. In operation day and night, its expert system can detect all types of falls.

  • Fall detection

    The FallSensor can accurately track all motion in real-time, making it able to distinguish a fall from another movement.

    Its reliability avoids most false positives, which saves valuable time for the medical staff.

  • Alarm transmission to the right person

    Based on your facility's existing communication system, the FallSensor is able to send the alert to the most relevant medical staff.

  • Fast intervention

    Thanks to the efficiency of the fall sensor, the medical staff is instantly informed of incidents and can help people within seconds. This speed of intervention is a strong factor in reducing the psychological risks that may be associated with a fall.

  • Automatic acknowledgement

    The acknowledgment of the alarm is automatic upon entry into the medical staff room. It is directly recorded on the server.

  • Data recording and indexation

    The server is used to configure remote sensors. He supervises the sensors, ensures their proper functioning, archives the events.

  • Data analysis and feedback

    The consultation of the history of events, including the replay of the fall in 3 dimensions, allows to better understand the event and implement preventive actions, while preserving the privacy of people.