Sometimes being frugal and value seeking adds to your workload.

My kiddos outgrew the $79.99 swingset value from kmart in about 2.2 nano seemed the concrete was barely dry when there knees were now as low as their feet use to be and it became obvious a new playset was in order

What to do.....the obvious thing seemed to be to go and get one of the tower play thingys that dot the suburbs.......then I started to price the things.....the one that looked as though it would keep my then 4 year old triplets occupied rang out at $3000.00 if I love my kids but that set wasn’t worth that much to me....and so the cogs started churning.

The obvious thing to do was build something ...being a carpenter/joiner helps and the long winter of 02/03 gave a fair bit of planning time and was a welcome distraction.

 I began researching different internet sites and thinking back to my own childhood and what I liked back then and slowly it started to come brothers and I had built a treehouse and spent of fair bit of time in it and the fact that we had a bunch of trees sort of nailed it

When I’d get the chance I would take a walk looking for trees....when I found some I thought would work I went to the township to see if there were any code requirements and there weren’t....pays to check though as some local townships do require permits and such.

By the end of the summer we had a play house (not finished inside yet) that was built on a platform built between three trees, Swings below-a net hung from some other trees and attached to the side as a great big hammock kinda thing- stairs leading to a swing bridge for getting up .....and as luck would have it the walnut on the back lawn was a straight shot from the tree house and 160’ away so I put in a flying fox /zip line for getting down

In 2005 I added a slide that can be found under the addition page.


The before shot!


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