More Building

Once all the rafters were set I ran battens so I could nail cedar shingles up......At first glance that might seem excessive until you realize that two of the tree are walnuts and anything under them gets bombarded for a week with green encased asphalt wrecking bombs once a year.......and cedar shingles while taking longer to install actually suit this situation better as the roof doesnít stay in one plane....they just look better.

For siding I had a look around to see what I had on hand and used that....when that ran out I called a friend Dave Spacht who has a sawmill and asked if he had any thing that would suit....luckily after a trip I had enough wood to finish the siding.

Hereís a shot of my best profile working on the roof.

Once it was roofed and sided I made some windows and used perspex in them....wacked together a door out of some white pine fencing...carved the kids initials in it then stopped working on the house.

I have a barn that Iím turning into my joinery shop and Iíve been repointing the stone work and prepping an area to make into a machine room....alot of want i want to do in the house is shop work and I thought it best to get the shop up and running and concentrate on other aspects of this instead

For the railing I did some maintenance and pruning around the yard and came up with the material for it. The posts were bolted to the frame and all the rest installed with screws ..I did the cuts by hand with a pruning saw.

I didnít take photos during that but here is a shot of the railing looking down on the net that was later installed


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