As I was building this it was pushed to the back of my mind of how to actually get the kids up there.

First I thought it would be by ladder and such.......after working up there for a while I noticed two trees and came up with the swing bridge did take more time and money.......but by this point the tree house was taking on a life of itís own and what the hey itís pretty nifty.


I installed a beam between two trees . One end of it pinned through its tree the other end rides on top of a peice of wood that is bolted to the other tree -this lets the two trees move separately.

The stringers for the stairs go against this beam and also some 3/8Ē aircraft cable goes from the beam to the tree house .

On top of this cable wooden brackets were u bolted and then the decking laid over the brackets...easy to write ..not so easy to do....but well worth the effort.


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